Jorge A. Núñez de Arco Mendoza


Bolivian Spanish nationality. He was professor of Biology and Genetics at the Universidad Mayor de San Andrés, with the appointment of a professor at the age of 23. In La Paz, Bolivia. He was studying medicine, when he had to leave Bolivia for the persecution of the dictatorship of General Bánzer. He is currently reading his doctoral thesis in Biological Sciences at the University of Seville.

In the area of ​​Medicine
He has a degree in Medicine and Surgery. Sevilla University. (1979). He holds the title of Specialist in Psychiatry (1981), held at the University Hospital Virgen de la Macarena. Seville- Kingdom of Spain. Obtained the Doctorate in Medicine, by the University of Seville - Kingdom of Spain. In December of 1992, with the qualification: "Cum Laude". Diploma in Strategic Management in Health Services. Diploma in Forensic Science and Crime Investigation.
He was Professor of Legal Medicine and Coordinator of the Master of Legal Medicine and Forensic Sciences, at the San Francisco Xavier de Chuquisaca State University (Sucre) and later at other private universities.
He was the founder and National Director of the Institute of Forensic Investigations of the Attorney General of the Republic of Bolivia, after a merit and examination of opposition. Having created and developed the IDIF. He was director of Lex-Medical and Psicomed in Seville, Spain. In addition to the professional exercise in private consultation. Also in Spain: He worked as a Forensic Psychiatrist, in Prison Psychiatric Hospital of Seville. Dependent of the Ministry of Justice. He was Area Coordinator at the Andalusian Institute of Mental Health (IASAM). Andalusian Health Service (1989-1990). Area Medical Assistant. Psychiatry Service at the Hospital Universitario de Valme. Andalusian Health Service.

In the area of ​​Law
He holds a law degree from the University of Canterbury-UK. (Bachellor of Laws in Law). And he has a Master's degree in Criminology, with the title: Master of Law in Criminology. A Diploma in Forensic Science and Crime Investigation. A Diploma in Constitution and Human Rights in the Criminal Process.

In the area of ​​Psychology
Of the second promotion of psychologists of the University of Seville-Spain. Specialized in criminal psychology. He was acting professor and associate of the Faculty of Psychology of the University of Seville.

He is President of the Bolivian Academy of Penal Law Sciences. He is a member of the New York Academy of Sciences. Vice President of the Bolivian Society of Forensic Sciences of Bolivia. Member of the Spanish society of criminological investigation. Member of honor of the Foundation of Victimology of Murcia. He received a special mention in the national contest of legal tests, convened by the German Technical Cooperation GTZ in 2006, in Bolivia.
He has been named: Knight in the rank of Commander of the Imperial Order of Charles V of Spain (1999), Cavaller of the cavalry of the Principat de Catalunya. (1999),). Distinguished guest of the City of La Paz. Municipal Government of the Honorable Mayor of the city of La Paz. (1998). Knight of the Order of San Clemente de Sevilla (1998) Knight of the Order of the Venerable Order of Trastámara (1994) Member of honor. Foundation of Victimology. Murcia - Spain. (2011)

He is currently a national and international lecturer. He teaches post-graduate courses at various national and foreign universities. He is a professor of Criminology and Criminalistics at the Judicial University of Durango in Mexico. He is a professor of Criminal Psychology at the Superior Police School of the Police University of Bolivia. He is a professor of applied criminology at the UMSA postgraduate course in La Paz, Bolivia.


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